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Beth Can&Will

When she’s not exercising, dancing, experimenting with healthy recipes or documenting her life journey on social media, you’ll often find Beth planning her next challenge. Her passion to find and share positive ways to improve our fitness and wellbeing is what has ultimately motivated her to start on her own venture. This was the ultimate challenge, to help others and to help herself.

5 years ago, Beth was another story…

“I’d lost who I was; my identity, my motivation and self confidence. All I knew was working long hours in corporate fashion. I was so exhausted, both physically and mentally. No matter how much I put into it, I felt like I wasn’t good enough”.

Her health and lifestyle was deteriorating:

“Suddenly, I just found myself withdrawing from all social situations and shut myself away. I developed disordered eating and I was obsessed with losing weight using fad diets. I smoked heavily because I thought that relieved the stress. I’d hit rock bottom basically.”

When she took extended absence from work due to stress and anxiety, as advised by her GP, it sparked a change in Beth. She knew that she had to find new ways to get well, and dig deep to find the answers to help her do it.

“All of the stuff I was reading pointed towards exercise, nutrition and mindfulness. I never believed a magic pill would solve my problems, so I joined a gym and got an exercise programme. I tried meditation and bought 3 recipe books. That was the start of my new life.”

Beth was always an active child. A dancer from the age of 3, also swimming and running for her county. Being back in an exercise routine felt like home, like it was always meant to be the thing to give her a sense of fulfilment in life: “Changing my approach to life and prioritising my time to make healthy choices has been the best decision I could have made. I’m now the fittest, healthiest and happiest I have ever been. I love it.”

So much so, in 2016 Beth made the brave decision to leave her job in fashion to gain her fitness qualifications, in order to share her passion and enthusiasm and to help others as much as fitness and wellbeing has helped her.



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…and so, Can&Will was born

In November 2018, Beth opened the doors to her very own Can&Will fitness and wellbeing studio, based at Market Harborough Rugby Club. Here, a collaborative range of personal training, classes for the body and mind, sports massage therapy and support group facilitation is available to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. To help you become the fittest, healthiest and happiest YOU have ever been.